Dear friends,

At first we would like to thank you for your interest in Euro 1 Shop and the opportunity we give us to analyze you our investment proposal.

There is a information pack containing all the necessary basic information for you to evaluate our concrete investment proposal by introducing you to our business philosophy and practice.

The retail sale of products in a single low price is a dynamic and growing sector, developed in the European and American market for many years. However, Euro 1 Shop network except from being a leader in this market is the most reputable company in terms of organization, management and prospects.

The main reason that the Euro 1 Shops are leaders in the market is because they represent a complete and fully differentiated concept. In other words, Euro1Shop are those stores that sell good quality products at a constant and uniform price, something totally differentiated from the competition. Sustained profitable presence of Euro 1 Shop in the European market proves the diversity of our stores compared with the competition.

This concept has the potential to completely dominate in the future, based on new partners who have a strong desire for success and professional recognition.
Our company, as part of its development, is joining the European area of ​​franchising, providing a comprehensive and highly attractive investment proposition in ambitious people who are interested to deal with a growing sector in retail sales and a reliable and dynamic business family. In our business philosophy, the human factor has a central and irreplaceable role. The shop, products and service at Euro 1 Shop tailored to individual requirements and searches of the European consumer, who wishes to obtain the maximum value for the money which they intend to spend.

The consistency and continuity of our product mix as well as the form and function of our stores, has placed the Euro 1 Shop in the minds of consumers as the stores from which they can supply daily quality consumer products using a lot by paying the lowest possible price. In our business thinking and practice, the concept of strong and diversified corporate concept is central. The Euro 1 Shop have achieved considerable recognition both of their brand, and the main characteristics consisting the mix of their products (low price, good quality, immediate availability, friendly service).

Our experience in the field of retail, has given us the opportunity to specialize in all those elements that make a successful chain of stores, a specialization that we want and we can pass it to our Franchisees.
The company is willing to provide you apart from the wide variety of our products, the necessary expertise, ongoing support and training, advertising and promotional support and satisfaction to represent an innovative concept that dominates international markets.

We are asking people who want to succeed, keen to have their own store and be willing to accept the experience and our expertise. We believe that this mood will lead to very high levels of professionalism and dedication in order to achieve your inspirations and through them ours too. If you think you have the will and the features to create and manage your own Euro 1 Shop, we are at your disposal in order to join our professional future. You can contact us to inform you about the possibilities of cooperation with our network.


Begas Spyros

C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer)